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Great idea for a Christmas Village Display

Great idea for a Christmas Village Display

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  1. I love your tree! you did an amazing job on it. my husband made a tree for me but the spacing is to big a gap could you tell me what the gap is between your shelves and the diamater of your bottom shelf? thank you for displaying your lovely tree to inspire the christmas spirit. my dad died just before christmas and it was hard to enjoy the holidays but my husband showed me your tree and I got so excited and had to build one! So thank you for bringing back the joy of christmas for me.


  2. There looks to be about a 20" space between the bottom shelf and the next one. Then maybe 18" in between each shelf. The houses are about 9 or 10 inches tall and some are 12" tall so you must accommodate their height. All houses are different height, so you can't take someone actual measurements. Measure your tallest house and go by that. Make sure to add additional space for trees ,etc. The 1st level has two rows of houses, one behind the other. So the first level has to be about 48" round?


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